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Within a compassionate connection, we can seek hope, and light. 

I’m Catherine, founder and creator of Compassionate Connections Counselling & Psychotherapy. I facilitate Counselling Sessions throughout the UK, and more locally to Malton, York, Scarborough, and the surrounding areas. I came to founding and creating this therapeutic service, from personally experiencing a lack of help and support during my own painful dark times. It was only when I began to access therapeutic activities, and communities, which evolved to counselling training, and accessing my own personal therapy, that I discovered how having a compassionate connection with another person was truly transformative. It felt like I had somehow stumbled upon a different way, that opened my eyes to how the world could be, and how I could be in the world. I feel passionately that people deserve to be met by another human being, who can offer a compassionate connection, especially when those painful dark times arise. I vow to bring more compassion to the world. 

Reach out to connect. 

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Professional, Experienced, 
Therapeutic Counsellor and Psychotherapist. 

A very warm welcome. I’m a person centred counsellor and psychotherapist. The person centred approach means that I believe, that you are the expert of yourself, therefore I’m not here to tell you what to do, or to give you advice, as I believe you know what you need. 

What do you need?

Do you need to express what’s happening for you? Do you need some help and support to manage your thoughts and feelings? Do you need to explore feeling angry? Or feeling sad? Or feeling lonely? Or are you left with feelings of guilt or shame? Or the what if’s, and if only’s? Do you need to seek a way through and forward? Do you need to revisit the past to seek a way into the future? 

My aim is to offer you a therapeutic relationship, where you can explore what you need, your thoughts and feelings, and a way through and forward, at a pace that is supportive, and compassionate. 

I offer a non judgmental environment, that is free from evaluation. 

Thank you for being here, I see and understand just how vulnerable this can feel, and the courage it takes to begin, or to continue therapy. 

My counselling journey began through my own personal life events, which have included, family relational trauma, relationship separation, loss of a home, poverty, isolation, domestic violence, infidelity, and a bereavement due to mental health and addiction. These life events led me to seek out help and support within therapeutic activities, and communities, which evolved to counselling training, and accessing my own personal therapy. I became increasingly intrigued by the counselling process the more I developed. I studied for over 4 years, and now have a level 4 diploma in therapeutic counselling.

I have experience of working as a mental health care assistant, within a medium secure mental health hospital, where I witnessed a different approach to person centred therapy. Through experiencing different approaches I gained a sense of my own way of being. I aim to offer a person centred, relational approach, through a compassionate connection. 

I have previously trained and volunteered with Samaritans, and I have trained and volunteer with Cruse Bereavement Support. 

My specialisms are bereavement and loss, addictions, systemic trauma, and counselling services trauma. I also work with relationship trauma, family relationship trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental health issues, and other life events, and transitions. 

Within bereavement and loss, I work with the death of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, the loss of a relationship not experienced, the loss of a job, the loss of a home, the loss of physical and/or mental health, multiple losses and any loss. 

Within addiction, I work with drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, food, sex, porn, the internet, gaming, working long hours, and anything that is used to self medicate, away from experiencing what is there within. Let’s explore the hungry ghost. 

I have a special interest and passion, in supporting those who have experienced repression, suppression, and oppression within systems of any kind, especially the mental health system, and prison systems. I have a commitment to helping and supporting people to regain their own sense of self. 

I also support those who have accessed previous counselling services, where needs have not been met. I would be open to exploring those experiences with you, and exploring your needs as they are now. As I believe that a compassionate connection alongside maybe a different approach could make all the difference to how therapy feels, and how beneficial you find the experience. I am always open to exploring how the sessions with me, feels for you. I believe an open and honest dialogue is essential throughout our time together, for you to gain the most you possibly can from the sessions. I welcome feedback, and have a understanding of being a work in progress. 

I could offer support, or I am able to make suggestions on therapeutic activities to aid the counselling process outside of the sessions, if that is something that you feel would be helpful to you. Such as sending links to talks and conversations around what may have arisen during the session. I could offer book suggestions based on your needs. And offer support or suggestions around engagement in therapeutic activities such as, being in nature, forest bathing, walking, dance/movement practices, grief yoga, swimming, listening to music, singing, gong baths, sound therapy, reading and writing poetry, journal writing, art therapy, self compassion meditations, and any other therapeutic activities that you find beneficial. I am able to personalise the therapeutic activities based on your needs, alongside your counselling journey. The two can go hand in hand, creating a full rounded therapeutic experience that can become a way of being, and a way of living.


My aim is to do my very best, to help and support you, whatever you’re facing, so that you don’t have to face what you’re going through alone.




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Darkest Depths of Pain, to Hope and Light. 

I am here to help and support you through the darkest depths of pain, to enable hope and light back into your life, to be able to create a fulfilling meaningful life. 

We do this by engaging with the process of sitting with emotions. I understand that this may feel like a daunting and difficult process, as sitting with emotions can feel dark and painful. It can feel easier to distract, dissociate, and disconnect. This is known as survival mode, which can be protective, however it does not promote self awareness and growth. 

To move from survival mode to thriving, to live a fulfilling meaningful life, emotions need to be felt, witnessed, and moved. I understand the courage that it takes to begin, as I experienced this process myself in my own personal therapy. My aim is to sit with you through your process, to stay with you through whatever emotions may arise, however dark, however painful your emotions are. Whether it’s a falling apart, or a slow unraveling, or feeling hopeless with no light. I will be there with you. 

This will enable self awareness and growth, to enable the hope and light to begin, leading to a happier, healthier, contented, fulfilled, meaningful, rewarding life, that you so deserve. 

I would like to work with you, for you to have the opportunity to share your inner world, to explore what you’re feeling. To have your needs met, to feel listened to, heard, seen and validated. As no one deserves to suffer alone. 

Compassion means to suffer with, let’s begin this journey together. 

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Professional Qualifications, and Training. 

CPCAB Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.

CPCAB Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies.

CPCAB Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills. 

Ecotherapy & Walk and Talk Counselling, endorsed by CPCAB. 

Cruse Bereavement Support. Foundation Course. 

Cruse Bereavement Support. Trauma Awareness Webinar. 

Cruse Bereavement Support. Working with Suicide Remotely Webinar. 

Samaritans Training Course. 

The Open University/BACP How to do counselling online: a coronavirus primer. 

Carolyn Spring. Dealing with Distress: Working with Suicide and Self Harm. 

Carolyn Spring. Working with Shame. 

Grief Summit 2022. Litsa Williams. Ethics and Personal Loss: Using Self Disclosure in Grief Support. 

Grief Summit 2022. Megan Devine. Seizing the Moment: Re-Humanizing Grief Care for our Clients and Ourselves. 

Deb Dana. Polyvagal Theory in practice: essential strategies. 

A Dialogue with Richard Erskine on the Theory and Methods of Relational TA.          ( Transactional Analysis ) 

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Facebook Page. 

I have a Facebook page,

Compassionate Connections Counselling and Psychotherapy.          The link is below,

Where I share ideas from many different people, including Ted talks, movement practices, poems, and music, etc. This gives further insights into how I work, and more of a sense of myself, to see if I’m a good fit for you. 

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Counselling sessions for people who have experienced system repression, suppression, and oppression.  

Gaining freedom. 

I have a interest, passion, and commitment in helping and supporting people, who have experienced repression, suppression and oppression within systems, I aim to offer time to express your thoughts and feelings. And a opportunity for you to explore yourself within a therapeutic compassionate connection. What do you need to feel empowered? What do you need to feel free? 

“The only way out is through” Gabrielle Roth. 

Systems can leave so many difficult, confusing, and complex feelings such as fear, anger, distress, and shame. A person can internalise these feelings, from repression, suppression, and oppression, and become defined in this way. Working within the person centred approach, I believe you are not defined by a system, let’s work through your thoughts and feelings, and begin the process of regaining your own sense of self. 

“Coercion includes not only the incarceration of people in psychiatric institutions against their will, but also how diagnosis ascribes to the person the role of psychiatric patient, denying them the right to describe or assume their own identity” Thomas Szasz. 

“Mental health services must detach themselves from the public protection function of coerced treatment and provide services that people want and ask for when they are in mental distress”Newnes and Holmes. ( 1999 ) 

What do you want?  

What do you need? 

Through my professional training and my own personal work, I have learnt that shame cannot live within a compassionate connection. Reach out to connect, you are not alone. 

Limited reduced cost counselling sessions are available, for those that have experienced systems of any kind, that are left with a difficult ,confusing, complex impact to their own sense of self.  

Contact me, to discuss your needs, and for further details. 

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Compassionate Connections Counselling & Psychotherapy 

Face to Face Counselling Sessions. 

Face to Face Counselling sessions available at Millers Yard, Gillygate. York. On Wednesdays from 4.30pm to 9.30pm in the loft room, as the photograph above. 

I have loved Millers Yard for years, attending therapeutic activities, I have felt welcomed, accepted, supported, held, and cared for. I feel a deep connection to the building, and the safe, non judgmental atmosphere. It is with this personal experience of Millers Yard that I bring forward this offering of Face to Face Counselling sessions within this community, it truly is a place I feel at home.   

Millers Yard is a holistic community centre in the historic heart of the beautiful city of York. At Millers Yard, people are of utmost importance; we show the same care, attention to detail, and compassion to our clients as we do our family. 

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Compassionate Connections Counselling & Psychotherapy  

Zoom and Telephone Counselling Sessions

I offer Zoom and Telephone Counselling sessions, therefore I can provide counselling sessions throughout the UK. This way of working has many benefits, it allows for more flexibility of time and location, without the need to travel. No travelling can reduce pollution within the environment. It gives a opportunity to have the sessions within the comfort of your own space, it allows you to set up your space as you need. It also gives time to reflect after sessions without the need to go back into the world.

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Compassionate Connections Counselling & Psychotherapy.  

Ecotherapy, Walk & Talk Counselling Sessions. 

I also offer Ecotherapy, Walk & Talk Counselling sessions. Working in nature offers us so many beautiful creative and healing benefits. The benefits of Walk & Talk sessions can include reduced stress, depression, and anxiety, with less need to take antidepressants. A reduction of anger, fatigue, and confusion. A lowering of the fight and flight nervous system response, and a increase of the rest and digest nervous response system. A boost to the immune function, a reduction of the need to take blood pressure and pain medication. Walk & Talk sessions can support those suffering with addictions, eating issues, and difficulties with sleep. Walk & Talk sessions can also be a way to engage in therapy, when sitting face to face, eye to eye with a counsellor, feels too anxiety producing, as during Walk & Talk sessions, we walk side by side. Walk & Talk sessions can reduce the feelings of isolation, and increase feelings of connection. Ecotherapy, Walk & Talk Counselling sessions can take place in the countryside, parks, or in a forest. Together let’s engage our 6 senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and happiness, through having Walk & Talk sessions. Please contact me, if your interested in having therapeutic sessions via Ecotherapy, Walk & Talk Counselling. 

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“Empathy is saying to someone:

I’m trying to be a companion to you in your search and exploration. I want to know, am I with you? Is this the way it seems to you? Is this the thing you’re trying to express? Is this the meaning it has for you? 

So in a sense I’m saying, I’m walking with you step by step, and I want to make sure I am with you. Am I with you?”

Carl Rogers. 

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“ I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”

Brené Brown

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"A moment of compassion for self and others can change your day, a string of moments can change the course of your life. "

Christopher Germer

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Anonymous Client Testimonials. 


One hell of a journey, it was amazing. I felt comfortable from the first 5 minutes of the first session.

So worth it. A caring compassionate person, that gets me. I have really valued the sessions. Thank you for your listening ears, kindness, compassion, care, support and consistency, during the most incredibly difficult and sad time of my life. 

A fresh pair of eyes. 

The mist is clearing after the first session, I’m feeling more positive, and excited about the future. 

The sessions have been insightful, and I have a better understanding of how I feel. 

You’re good at this, you’ve said some incredibly sensible things, thank you for your perceptiveness. 

The sessions have been a weight off. 

I can talk to you, more than anyone else. The sessions keep me motivated. 

You helped me as far as anyone could. I am now on the right path. 

The sessions were like reading a book of myself, where the chapters were unfolding.

I engaged with Catherine for personal therapy during my own journey to becoming a counsellor. She was able to accommodate me out of office hours and met with me online which was helpful for a busy working mum! I felt supported and encouraged by Catherine to delve into areas of my life which have caused me pain. The work we did together has felt essential to my personal growth and a key part of the continuing exploration of myself. Thank you Catherine. 

I could get therapy free from college, but I wouldn’t go to anyone else. I’ve being telling everyone about you. 

We are sprinting along, I wish I had met you years ago. Your bringing beauty into my life. I’m getting what I need. I feel like a human being. 

Session Costs

Face to Face Sessions 1 hour £50

Zoom and Telephone Sessions 1 hour £45

Ecotherapy, Walk & Talk Sessions 1 hour  £45 - £50 depending on location.

Concessions for those on a low income, those on benefits, and trainee counsellors. 

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